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Our organization, who is operating the Elektric Bike Turistical Sharing System (EBTSS) in the Ős-Dráva region, was established with the aim to create a new alternative way of transportation for the active holiday-loving tourists! It’s a great opportunity for the locals as well to choose a healthier way of public transportation. Its aim to link greater distances with an environmentally friendly transport solution. Using of the ebike system you can discover small villages and touristical destinations, where the ebike stations could be located up to 10-20-30 kilometers away from each other.

Electric PEDELEC eBike

Kémes állomás Ős-Dráva

Intelligent eBike sharing system


touch screen terminal – registration (regisztracio.greenebike.hu), creating user account, payment, top up; surveillance system charged by alternative solar energy, ebike GPS tracking, the electric bike’s batteries can be also charged by solar energy with a solar-shelter

We highly reccomend to our future partners

Map reading, visualization of destinations (natural, historical), indication of Partner-Points with descriptions (functionality, service) for example: hotels, restaurants, alternative routes (built and designated routes) existing bicycle path.

Electric bike sharing at the Ős-Dráva - 70 ebikes, 5 station, 86 docks



City of Harkány

Sellye town

Ős-Dráva programme office

Helian NaTour travel agency

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